Thursday, 15 November 2012


Late last week I placed an online order with MooGoo, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite skin care brands of all time.
For anyone who hasn't heard of MooGoo before, here is a brief bio taken from their website;

What Makes Us Moo

MooGoo is an Australian company that makes a range of natural, safe products with effective active ingredients designed for people with skin and scalp problems.
MooGoo was first made when the founder adapted a cream used in dairy farms to help a family member with a skin problem. The dairy version of ‘udder cream’ was designed to heal cow’s udders and keep them in good condition for milking. It was full of skin repair ingredients and no fillers.
We have since expanded to make a range of skin products for people with skin problems. We use the same philosophy in all their products. The full strength of healing ingredients and no petroleum or chemical based ingredients. All ingredients are listed on products.
One of the things I love about MooGoo is that they list every ingredient used in each product with a brief description in laymans terms for people like me, who don't know a whole heap about which ingredients do what.
Another thing I love; They are so reasonably priced.
And another thing I love; They actually work on my horribly sensitive skin!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was in my local health care store where I purchased some Jojoba Company products. I also purchased my first MooGoo product; Milky Wash.
I will do a full review on that soon, but for now, I will simply say; My skin has never looked so good!

I haven't had the chance to use any of the products from my order yet as I only received them this morning and because I had a fake tan booked in for tonight, it meant no moisturising/deodorant etc, so I will begin using them all tomorrow.

I absolutely adore the cute packaging it arrived in!

Fresh Cream Deodorant
Aluminium free and all natural; love it.
For more information on this product click here
MSM Smoothing Cream
MSM is known for it's skin calming properties.
I actually bought this for a very specific purpose.
I have little red bumps all over my upper arms, I have had them for so long that I just assumed they were normal for me, that is until I read a product review on this cream and someone with seemingly the exact same issue had their bumps cleared up by using this. If this product can clear up my bumpy arms, I will be so stoked.
Skin Milk Udder Cream
This is MooGoo's lightest moisturiser, I plan on using it all over.
From the MooGoo website; 
MooGoo’s Skin Milk Udder Cream is being recommended by a number of oncologists and hospitals due its efficacy in helping the recovery from the side effects of chemo and radiotherapy.  A pilot study making a comparison between the use of sorbolene and the Udder Cream is scheduled to take place later this year.

That's pretty amazing stuff!

Eczema & Psoriasis Cream
This is actually a re-purchase and it's for my brother.
He suffered from terrible psoriasis until I got him on the MooGoo bandwagon.
He uses this and the Milky Wash and his psoriasis is virtually non-existent these days.
Milk Shampoo & Cream Conditioner

The lovely people at MooGoo included these sample sizes of their shampoo & conditioner.
I'm going to give these to my brother as he gets psoriasis on his scalp so they would probably be of more value to him than to myself.
In my opinion, these are incredibly generous sized samples.
They don't say how many ml per bottle but they are roughly the same size as the deodorant which is 60mls.

So that's my MooGoo order.
I will do reviews on each of the products as I use them.

Have you ever used MooGoo?
Do you find it as amazing as I do?



  1. I've been wanting to try out the MooGoo shampoo for so long now, my scalp is such a pain in the butt and I've heard this is great at fixing that!

    1. Sorry for the late reply Emma!
      My brother swears by the shampoo & conditioner for his sever psoriasis, his head has been clear for the last month or so after using MooGoo :)


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