Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Rokk Ebony

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Rokk Ebony, as I found out yesterday while googling reviews of their product line, is actually a salon that have bought out their own product line.
From what I could gather, they have salons throughout Victoria & have won quite a few awards for their hairdressing skills.

While browsing through the aisles at coles the other day I came across this brand I've never heard of called Rokk Ebony.
They have shampoo, conditioner & various other products in the 'salon section' of the beauty aisle at coles.
Their shampoo & conditioner retail for $14.99 each which is quite reasonable but as I've always had trouble believing salon brand shampoo's are better, I overlooked them.
Then I saw that there was a Rokk Ebony pack on sale from $30 to $15. The pack included heat protection shampoo, heat protection conditioner, heat protection spray, a paddle brush & a hair drying turban.
I figured for that price I couldn't even get a cheaper brand shampoo, conditioner & heat protection spray so I snapped it up.
The fact that the packaging is so gorgeous certainly didn't hurt either.

I used the paddle brush immediately, upon feeling the material of the paddle brush I was wary, it felt very cheap-plasticy, but once I ran it through my hair I was sold.
It gets the knots out without ripping my hair out & leaves my hair feeling very soft & bouncy but not frizzy like so many other brushes do.

I used the shampoo & conditioner yesterday morning.
Let me tell you, they smell AMAZING.
I have never, ever smelled shampoo and conditioner so good.
I followed the instructions and did a double wash of my hair, and like the product says, you do not need much.
It lathered up very quickly and a little bit went a very long way.
I then conditioned, and I have to say, I did need a bit more than a 'small amount' like the bottle claims, but then again, I put conditioner on the top of my head and my scalp, even though I know you're not supposed to so that's probably why I needed more than I was supposed to.

Once I hopped out of the shower, I used my hair turban as opposed to the usual towel that ends up falling off my head.
I've had these turbans before and they really are fantastic.

I blow dried my hair with the aid of the heat protection spray and I was amazed to say the least.
This product is part of the heat protection range, not the volume range (which Rokk Ebony also has), but it gave my hair great volume.
It wasn't over the top volume, just bouncy & gorgeous. Usually when I use heat protection spray with my blow dryer and no other volumising product, I get pancake hair.
Together with my blow dryer, this product made my hair shiny and bouncy with none of the frizz or sticky product residue.

All in all I'd give the Rokk Ebony heat protection range a 9/10.
I loved the results so much that I went and bought another of the heat protection packs yesterday!
My only gripe with the line is that the shampoo and conditioner bottles are quite hard to get the product out of.
I had to take the lid off the conditioner and squeeze it out of the bottle as the squeezy lid thing that it came with just wouldn't allow any product through.
The shampoo squeeze lid was easier but still difficult.

I can't wait to try the other Rokk Ebony products & I have my eye on their UV Gloss Coat which apparently makes your hair super shiny.

I'd definitely recommend this line & I will certainly be using it again in the future!


[All products in this review were purchased by myself, this is not a paid or sponsored review & as far as I know Rokk Ebony has no idea of it's existence.
The opinions expressed are purely my own & are 100% honest]


  1. omg paige i didnt know you had a new blog!! hello!! :D

    rokk ebony is a hair salon in melbourne...theyre one of those suuuuuuuuper duper overpriced places :)


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