Tuesday, 30 October 2012

summer & colour

About 99.9% of my wardrobe consists of black, white & grey clothes.

My wardrobe looks a lot like this;
Image taken from google

I'm hoping to make my wardrobe look a little more like this...

Image taken from google

So I went shopping in my attempt to inject some colour in to my clothing collection and I picked up some nice, cheap casual clothes from Valleygirl & Temt.
This is one of maybe 3 yellow things I own. I really must get more, I love yellow.
It's a lot more vivid in real life though. 
 This dress is actually red, it's coming up kind of orange on my computer screen.
I love when dresses come with belts!
 Plain white t-shirt. An essential in my books.
 Simple coral t-shirt with a pocket. I adore coral.
 This actually looks a lot nicer on, I promise!
 I found this nude cropped 3/4 blazer on the discount rack for $19.95.
The cut is so flattering.
My best friend would disagree with me here but you can never have enough nude items.
 I love lace.
Love the detailing.
 I hate mullet/hi-lo, but I love this.
The front of the top sits at my hips and the back covers my bum, which looks a little awkward with shorts so I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to wear it with yet but I couldn't resist.
It came in white and coral and I am so proud of myself for picking the coral.
I love the detail on the bust.

Have you done any summer shopping lately?
Does your wardrobe consist of one/a few colours mostly like mine?



  1. ooh nice purchases, valleygirl & temt are da bomb! haha
    i try not to have too much black in my wardrobe too. i have ALOT of floral things though... bordering on obsession! lol. my fave bright colour is watermelon/coral. a little bit like that valleygirl tee you bought. gets compliments every time :)


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