Tuesday, 30 October 2012

back to the nest...

It has been a loong time since I last blogged.

Here's what's being going on in the life of yours truly since July(Which is the latest blog entry I did.)

I moved out - From my personal slice of heaven to return back to the nest with my parents.

Nick and I were sick of spending money on rent. And gas. And electricity. And water. And groceries.
My mum has always said if we ever wanted to come home, we'd be more than welcome.
I was all for it, we could save double time for a house and the wedding but Nick wasn't too keen.
I think he was worried that it would make it look like he couldn't provide for me which is just silly, but I think I understand how he felt.
Then one day he came home from work and said 'Let's do it'.
So we gave our notice to our landlord and started packing away.
I don't remember the exact date but we were all moved in to my parents house by early August.
My parents have a separate bedroom outside, I believe it's called a bungalow?
It was my bedroom before I left home the first time.
There's no kitchen or bathroom in it,(If there was, I never would have left in the first place!) but it's nice to have that extra bit of privacy.

It's so good to have a home cooked meal every night. My mother is an amazing cook, sadly the same cannot be said for me.

I won't lie though, it's been hard.
There have been days where all I want to do is rewind time and stay put in my unit with Nick.
He works long hours so I was very used to being alone a lot of the time, which suited me fine. I actually enjoy being by myself.
At my parents house, there is usually always someone home and I think that has been one of the biggest adjustments.

On the plus side, I have a beautiful pool at my doorstep and my mums two gorgeous dogs.

Here's a few things I'm that I'm missing;

Snuggles on the couch with my cats.

Having a whole room dedicated to my clothes, shoes and accessories. 

Sitting on my veranda with a coffee & a book

 My open, airy lounge room. Emphasis on the word 'my'.
 Late night hang outs with Louise

I must admit, it does sort of feel like a step backward.
I know it will get me ahead in the long run, and it will be helpful not having all those bills while I'm at uni but for the present I feel a little...pathetic.

Have you ever returned home?
Was it hard or am I just being a drama queen?
I'd love to hear some stories.

My next blog post will be a little more uplifting, I promise!



  1. OH MY GOD your clothes room looks like a shop! haha!
    Thats good that you moved back in with your parents, its for the best in the long run anyway. think about all the money you'll save now. thats why im planning on staying at home for as long as i can! (which has its disadvantages - rules/lack of freedom) but i can spend my money wherever I like and can save - im going on my 3rd holiday this year in december! :P

    nice to see you back though, paige, i missed you :)


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