Wednesday, 11 July 2012

clothes, kittens & knitting

I think I'm going to start doing a weekly 'phone snaps' blog post with some pictures I've taken that aren't worth dedicating a whole post to.

Here goes...

I have taken up knitting (again).
When I was younger, I would occassionally knit something.
I can't start off or finish though, so I have to get my Mum to do it for me.
I drive my Mum nuts when I decide to knit because I always manage to mess it up.
My best trick is making stitches appear out of nowhere.
I started with 35 stitches and have somehow ended up with 47.
I've only done about 5 lines lol.

This is my horrible attempt at a selfy.
I was trying to capture the pleat detail of the top

The top looks so different with the flash on my camera turned on.
It's actually a very, very dark blue

Not sure what's going on with the weird angle of my face here, but this is the top with no flash.
Well, technically it's a dress. The tag actually said 'dress' on it.
I'm extremely short and this dress is a long top on me, so I have no idea who the hell this could be a dress on!

Top/dress; Target
Leggings: OneZach
Shoes: No idea
Belt: Was a gift

This was my baby boy this morning, snoozing on my bra

And this is my baby girl giving my boy a kiss.
Too cute.

 This is Louise's cat, Gertrude.
She is just a baby and so beautiful.
She loves to snuggle up on my lap and make herself at home while I'm having coffee dates with Louise.

Does your cat have any weird/cute habits?


  1. i really like that top/dress! i could totally get away with it at work. where did you get it from?

    your cats are sooo adorable! i wish we could have a cat but we have 2 dogs who would attack it, and a dearly beloved bird who would get eaten. sigh!

    1. I got it from Target on clearance for like $9, bargain!

      I love my babies, but I'm a total dog person.
      I'd looove to have 2 dogs!


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