Sunday, 15 July 2012

weekend wrap up

I had a really good weekend, despite the freezing, rainy whether.

On Friday night I went to a friends Partylite party, and purchased myself a few dozen different tealight candles.
I got 12 black orchid tealights, 12 fig fatale tealights, 4 giant passionfruit tealights and 4 giant twilight sea tealights.
I absolutely adore Partylite candles, certainly more than Dusk candles.
I've never tried Glass House candles so I can't compare those two.

Then after the candle party, Nick and myself went to our friends bonfire/get together which was really fun but we ended up leaving around 11pm because I was just way to cold to function.

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to the movies with a couple of friends to see Ted.
It was really funny, but quite predictable.
I loved that Patrick Stewart was the narrator. 

Has everyone seen this picture before?
It popped up on my Facebook a little while ago and I thought it was so clever.
That is, until I found out Ted is made by Seth McFarlane who also made Family Guy.
Then I realised, it's not that clever, just blatantly obvious where Seth got the idea for Ted from.

This is what I wore to the movies, nothing too special.
I didn't even bother with heels.

Cardigan - Target
Dress - Valleygirl
Stockings - Target
Shoes - K Mart

Overall, a pretty cheap outfit lol

Today I didn't do a whole lot.
I made banana bread for the first time and it came out really well, I'm very proud!
I'm going to post the recipe I used next time I blog, it was very quick and simple, which is how I like my recipes.

And of course, the usual snuggles with my little girl, Luna.

What did you do this weekend?
Did you manage to stay warm?


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