Thursday, 12 July 2012

say hello to samsung

Image taken from google images.

For the last 4 years I have been a loyal iPhone lover.
For the last 2 years I have been a loyal iPhone user.
Until recently when I saw the new Samsung Galaxy, I thought that iPhone's were the absolute best and nothing could top them.
My iPhone4 was starting to annoy me as the phone was slowly dying so I did some research on the new Samsung Galaxy then went and had a play with it in my local phone shop.
I fell in love and promptly purchased myself a white one.
(I didn't actually realise this at the time but I got the phone the day after it was released in Australia. I'm usually so behind on these things, for once I'm ahead/in time!)
Everything about the phone is so flawless and just, pretty.
It's lighter than the iPhone and has a much bigger screen.
After I bought it home and showed the boy, he kept commenting on how ridiculously big it was.
I can certainly see how this would be annoying for some people, especially boys who like to keep their phones in their pockets, but for me, it's perfect.I have terrible eyesight and I get quite headachey when I'm on my iPhone for long, so the huge screen on the Galaxy feels like it was made for people like me!

Image taken from google images.
I honestly cannot believe I was so close minded towards all Android phones.
It's safe to say I'm an Android convert that will never be going back to an iPhone.

Now I just need to learn how to put a screen protector on without a million air bubbles and all will be right in the world lol.

What kind of phone do you use?
love/hate it?
Have you been pleasantly surprised by another phone?


  1. I'm (not so) patiently waiting until my contract runs out so I can get this!

    I'm quite anti-apple and only ever seem to use PCs and Androids!

    I currently have an HTC Desire HD which I love to pieces but is starting to show its age.

    1. There's nothing worse than a well loved phone that's on it's way out!

      I'm a PC user as well. Mac's confuse me lol

  2. wow seriously? im one of those people who is a loyal iphone user and think nothing can top the iphone (lol). this is making me curious now. whats so good about the galaxy? can you still get a massive range of apps on the android market? i imagine it would be more customisable as well... but yeah. my iphone contract is due to expire in november this year and my mums already got her eye on my good old iphone so maybe ill look into this samsung!

    1. There are soo many apps for it Krissy!
      Instagram is available on Android now too.
      All the apps I had on my iPhone and wanted on my Galaxy, I had no trouble finding.
      There's even 2 different app stores.
      It also has widgets, which is really cool, so you can add a google search bar to your home screen if you want, or set the whether to your homescreen.
      And it has moving backgrounds!
      My current background actually shows my local whether as it changes, so if it's raining, my background will rain, if it's dark, my background goes in to night time, it's so cool!
      It just feels so much more modern than an iPhone. Smooth would be a good word I think.

      I gave my iPhone to my mum and she loves it!

    2. really?? aww stop making me want the galaxy now paige!! lol. sounds pretty cool anyway, ill look into it when my contract is due to expire!
      on a side note, my bf is always one step behind in phone technology - hes got a blackberry when i told him to get an iphone... now trust if i get a galaxy, hes gonna get an iphone... ughhh lol


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